MS Gulf Coast Property for Sale

Gulf-Coast-sign-2-sgtMS Gulf Coast Property For Sale

Mississippi is what is known as a “Non-Disclosure” state.  What does that mean?  Simply, it means that the tax records do not disclose sale prices of the homes.  Why is that important to know? Simply, it means Zillow and Trulia are very wrong on their Zestimates for our state.  The get their numbers from owners who volunteer to put their closing price in when they “claim” their house.  Do they put in the correct number?  Who’s to say.  But I can envision some people saying that they either paid more or less then they really did depending on the impression they want to give out.

How do you get the true and correct information for the area?  Talk to a Licensed REALTOR® or you can click the links below and you’ll be taken to a website that gets up to date information straight from the local MLS service.  Updating approximately every 24 hours, you won’t miss that Dream home ever again!


Links to the other cities coming soon 🙂