What Can You Do To Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient?

Below are three quick and inexpensive ways to help make your home more energy-efficient.

energy-efficient Weather-Strippingenergy-efficient weatherstrippingenergy-efficient weatherstripping

Seal air leaks: As much as 20 percent of the energy used to regulate temperature in a home can be lost to air leaks. You can seal doors and windows with weather stripping and the project will usually cost less than $200.

smartthermostatSmart thermostats: Older thermostats are usually inefficient because they only have a few settings. A smart thermostat like can be programmed to reduce heating/cooling when you’re not at home or during the hours when you’re asleep. The energy savings you will see usually equal the cost of the thermostat after a year or two.

ledlightbulbChange your light bulbs: Yes, LED light bulbs are expensive.  They do only require just a small percentage of the energy incandescent bulbs require. A cheap incandescent bulb uses about $15 of electricity a year (if it lasts that long). An LED bulb costs around $25, but uses less than $5 worth of electricity per year and will last up to 11 years.